Members of the Scottish Parliament

Your guide to finding information on Members of the Scottish Parliament.

Scotland is unique in that there exists a whole host of great web sites providing biographies of its parliamentarians. The Scottish Tories, LibDems and SNP also have great sites giving a fair about of details on those who have been elected to the Scottish Parliament.

Useful Links

The Scottish Parliament - MSP Biographies Biographical details from each MSP on themselves, with details of their committee membership, registered interests etc

Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSPs Biographies and contact details.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Details on Scotland's only centre-right party. Find out more by visiting their site.

The Scottish National Party Revenue: 40bn. Expenditure: 53bn. Oil Money: 9bn. Am I the only one who can see a problem here?

Scottish Labour The reason the SNP are in power.

Scottish LibDem MSPs Labour's former partners.

The Scottish Parliament The official site. It contains a wealth of useful information

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